Orders and Downloads

You can visit your account to see your orders:

File download links are available from your orders page above, and aggregated in your downloads pages:


Unable to download files from email

The email links will expire after approximately 12 hours, so please try to log in and download from either the orders or downloads pages above.

Missing download link from order and/or downloads page

There are 2 reasons a download link could be unavailable:

  • The file was never uploaded by the creator (extremely rare, but it happens)
  • For Wargaming3D: if a file has been removed for updating since the product was purchased

Regardless of the reason, please contact us and we'll investigate.

Download file "corrupted"

Most downloads are absolutely fine, but there are a few reasons you are struggling with a downloaded file:

Attempting to manually download many files at once

The download service won't allow more than 2 or 3 simultaneous connections to be open per client, so attempting to open more will terminate the first ones earlier.

MiniHoarder has a "download all" option, that will appropriately queue the downloads to avoid this, otherwise we recommend some patience and just work through the downloads one at a time.

Unzip problems

Not all zip files are made equal. Try using 7-zip to extract the file.

If using a Mac, try something like The Unarchiver.

Hidden files

Files that start with a "." are marked as hidden on Mac and Linux platforms.

If you've unzipped a file that appears to be the correct size (the download hasn't failed), but can't see any contents, on MacOS in Finder you can temporarily show files with ⌘ + Shift + .

On Linux, refer to your file manager's documentation or open a terminal and run ls -la from the unzipped directory.