Buying products

We use Stripe and PayPal as payment processors. We never see your credit card details.

We only accept US Dollars (US$).

Apple Pay and Google Pay where available are processed via Stripe.

When purchasing a subscription (either the Hoarder service or a creator subscription), the subscription is managed via Stripe and a link is made between you and your subscription to enable us to provide recurring billing.


Why is my order stuck in "processing"?

An order in processing means that our system has accepted you made your order, but the payment processor did not accept your payment.

This happens most often with PayPal, as part of their fraud prevention processes. They will hold a payment for manual review. This occurs about once every 2 - 3 weeks for us and usually takes about 24 hours to clear.

Once the payment has been released, we are able to release the order to completed. You can contact us to check on the progress of a "processing" order.

My payment is not being accepted, what's happening?

Most often for Stripe payments this is because the card details are wrong in some way.

With PayPal, in addition to card details, we sometimes see attempts to pay with balances that are too low.

In both cases it can be that the card provider (VISA, MasterCard, etc) are witholding the payment, again for fraud prevention purposes.

Our best recommendation is to ensure your payment details are up to date, and to attempt to switch payment processor if you're having problems.

Money has left my account but my order has not been taken! Can I have it back?

If we have received your money but don't have a corresponding order: absolutely yes! As soon as we can verify that money has arrived with us but doesn't match an order, we will refund you 100%.

This hasn't happened to us yet, but it may feel like it has to you.

With PayPal, if you've used something like Pay-in-3, you are paying PayPal, not us, and will need to cancel and claim back from them.