Commissions from product sales are held for 7 days before they become available for withdrawal. This is in case a refund is needed or disputes need to be settled.

Once commissions are released to be withdrawn, they can be processed from the vendor withdraw pages:

For Wargaming3D: you can withdraw on demand by ensuring your Paypal info is correct and you have it set to "Paypal Masspay". For MiniHoarder: withdrawal requests are typically handled within 48 hours.

Payment details can be set from the following settings pages:


We calculate your commission like so:

  • You set the 100% price (if any codes are applied to reduce this, that price becomes the 100% price for the purpose of the calculations).
  • Any applicable taxes (based on customers location) are applied on top of your set price.
  • Your customers pay 100% of your set price + any applicable taxes.
  • Transaction fees (depending on if you're paying with paypal or stripe and where you are) are calculated on full amount (set price + applicable taxes).
  • Any collected taxes (in full) are put aside for us to to pay the appropriate tax office.
  • The 100% of your set price then has transaction fees deducted.
  • We then take your commission (currently 95%) on the remaining value, leaving the remaining 5% for us.

Intent: Creator commission = ( ProductPrice - TransactionFee(Price+Tax) ) * 95%

Example: a $15 product is ordered with a $4 discount code, and the customer is from the EU where tax is applied.

The customer purchase calculation is made on $11:

Line item - Product $11.00 Line item - Tax $2.10 Total $13.10

Customer pays $13.10

  • Paypal/Stripe takes fees, (a % of the total). To keep simple, a $1 fee for this transaction
  • Money collected by us is $12.10
  • Tax (the full $2.10) is set aside to give to the tax body
  • Leaving $10.00 remaining to be split 95%, 5%.

Therefore $9.50 is credited to your account and $0.50 to ours.